Briar Bay Community Association

Application, Orientation & Approval Procedures:

  • Application: Each applicant 18 years and older must complete an application. Applications must be submitted no later than 15 business days prior to the expected move-in date. Applicants are not permitted to move in prior to approval from the Association. Approval/denials will be issued via email.


  • Application Fees: As of Jan 1st, 2019, a non-refundable application fee of $150.00 is required per applicant, 18 years and older.  Lease renewal application fees are $100.00 per applicant, 18 years and older.


  • Damage Deposit: A damage deposit is required with all lease applications. Deposit must be placed by the landlord and shall be held by the Association to pay for any damage to the Common Area or Sub-Association property or other portions of the Property resulting from acts or omissions of tenants. The damage deposit is refundable upon request after the end of the lease term, or when the tenants vacate the unit and the unit is no longer to be leased. Deposits are made payable to Briar Bay Community Association, Inc. by money order or secured funds only (no personal checks).


  • $1,500 Deposit Required For : Liberty Bay, Liberty Isles, Sail Harbour, The Tides, Waters Edge
  • $1,000 Deposit Required For : Cove I and Cove II


  • Lease Agreement: No lease can be for less than a six (6) month period or more than twelve (12) months. No Unit may be leased more than one (1) time in any twelve (12) month period. Renewal applications and approval are required if tenant(s) desire to renew lease for another term.


  • Submitting Application: Please download and use the corresponding leasing application or lease renewal application found on this page. Specific instructions found within on how to submit the application. If possible, please type up application in PDF. Then print and sign where applicable before submitting. Applications must be legible.

Leasing Application

Leasing Renewal Application



Homeowner MUST be current with all Master and Sub-Association dues and there must not be any open violation on the unit. If the Association accounts are delinquent or an open violation exists, management is not permitted to process the leasing application until payment is received in full. New owners must wait a minimum of 12 months from date of ownership before renting out the unit. If the unit purchased is tenant occupied, the tenant(s) may remain until the end of the existing lease term at which time the tenant(s) would not be permitted to renew lease and vacate unit. Owner would then have to wait minimum of 12 months from existing lease termination date before being permitted to rent unit again. All rental units are required to provide proof of valid City of West Palm Beach rental license. This document must be submitted along with each rental application.


All applicants must meet the following minimum criteria for consideration of occupancy.

Criminal Background:

Please be advised that the Briar Bay Board of Directors and/or the Tenant Approval Board will not approve any person for occupancy in the Briar Bay Community whose background check reveals any one of the following:

  • Any history of assault or domestic violence
  • Any felony charges and/or convictions within the last fifteen years
  • Any misdemeanor charges and/or convictions within the last 7 years
  • Sexual predator and/or offender status

Specific Conditions:

Please be advised that the Briar Bay Board of Directors and/or the Tenant Approval Board require specific conditions must be met, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Applicants must not have more than two (2) pets
  • Must not have more than three (3) motor vehicles or no more than two (2) motor vehicles if renting a unit in the Cove.
  • Applicants must be legal residents of the United States
  • Only those occupants listed on the tenant application form and approved at the tenant orientation are authorized to reside in the unit
  • Credit scores should be fair or better and poor credit may be taken into consideration
  • Rental amount may not exceed 36% of the applicants’ verifiable, taxable income Contact Management or see further specific instructions on the lease application.